Cyber crime has been growing exponentially. In 2016 there were more than 2 lakh cyber breaches in INDIA. Only 5-6% of these cyber crimes are officially registered. This is because there is lot of unawareness and hence this program shall help you in understanding the threats as well as help you to understand the investigation procedures and make yourself equipped to do investigations and have a rewarding future in this cyber crime domain.

Duration: 3 hours

Course ID: B-CPCH

Category: Basic

Price: INR 20,000/-

The course shall help you to learn the latest investigation techniques the law enforcement use worldwide as well as capture essential digital evidence for tracking the criminal or the hacker.


    • Introduction to Cyber Space
    •     – Introduction to cyber space

    •     – Cyber crime and its types
    • Email Crimes
    •     – Fundamentals of email

    •     – Email tracing

    •     – Authenticating genuine/fake mail

    •     – Email tracking

    •     – Throw away mails

    • Domain Frauds
    •     – Domain and web hosting fundamentals

    •     – Investigating domain frauds

    •     – Domain slamming

    • Cyber Law
    •     – IT Act 2008

    •     – IPR and Copyright

    • Steganography
    •     – Understanding steganography & detecting stego files

    • Cyber Forensics
    •     – Cyber forensics introduction

    •     – Cyber crime scene processing

    •     – Data recovery tools & techniques

  • E-Banking Frauds
  •     – Investigating online banking & credit card frauds


Our well-trained and experienced trainers who worked on live practical cyber crime matters.

Will i get live cases to work on during the training program?

Yes. You shall be assigned live cases in a simulated mode and shall be aware of world-class investigation techniques for capturing the digital footprints of the hacker.

Can i do this program in distance mode?

Yes. The duration of the distance mode shall be 2 months. Course wares shall be dispatched for you to understand the essential concepts of cyber crime investigation.

What are the deliverables on completion of this course?

1) Workshop
2) Live internship and exposure to live case studies
3) Placement assistance
4) Completion Workshop on completion of internship programme.

What career prospects i have on completion of these courses?

According to Ministry of Information Technology there is requirement of 10 lakh cyber security professionals and also 1,000 cyber security start-up companies. Every vertical in the corporate, government and semi government shall require cyber crime investigator.

How IQSS course is different from other institutes?

Our courses are according to the laws of the land and hence shall cover all aspects of cyber crime investigation and the best procedures implied to investigate a cyber crime. We are the only organization in Maharashtra to train cops, judicial officers, public prosecutors and all government entities. Other than government institutions we also train corporates and have the distinction of working on live cyber crime cases from 7 countries worldwide. Our practical approach is focused in the delivery of the program we do for the participants who enroll for the program. Moreover, we provide live internship and a holistic approach for candidates to work in real cyber crime cases on completion of program.