Put simply, a document management system is an automated business software solution used to organize, secure, store, capture, digitize, and tag business files.

Many document management systems extend beyond basic functionality to include document-related workflows. There are a ton of other add-ons, features and capabilities touted by some document management systems — which has led to other names and designations like enterprise content management (ECM), enterprise information management (EIM) and intelligent information management (IIM)

The term document management often refers to an overarching strategy for how a company stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents.

• Scan, capture and digitize from paper files

• Emails and attachments

• External applications like CRM or ERP

• User-generated content saved natively to the document management system

Once documents are loaded into the DMS from whichever source, the DMS should feature a way to index and classify those documents — often with metadata.